Sex Offense


abuse-dr-jennifer-duffyComprehensive Psychological Evaluation with Narrative report

-Standardized Personality Testing : (Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory-Second Edition (MMPI-II) (Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent (MMPI-A) (Millon Clinical Multi-Axial Inventory –Third Edition (MCMI-III)

-Standardized Risk Assessment: (Inventory of Offender, Risks, Needs Screening (IORNS)

-Individual Therapy

-Sex Offender Treatment Individual and Group

-Comprehensive Pre Sentencing Evaluation/Reports

-Comprehensive Pre-Plea Evaluation/Reports

-Sex Offender Registry Assessments (SORA) Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation and narrative report

-Correspond With Probation Regarding Attendance and Progress in Treatment

-Monthly written progress reports submitted to referring entity

-Referral for psychotropic medication evaluation if warranted

-Coordination of care with treating psychiatrist and inclusion in narrative report/monthly progress reports

Dr. Duffy has worked on many varied types of sexual abuse cases in the Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester jurisdictions providing comprehensive narrative reports for pre-plea negotiations and assessments for potential down grading of convicted sex offenders as well as on going individual therapy. She has done extensive research in this very specialized field of forensic psychology developing unique expertise. Taking an objective, unbiased approach she employees objective standardized personality testing such as The Minnesota Multi-Pasic Personality Inventory – 2 (M.M.P.I. -2) as well as The Inventory of Offender Risks, Needs and Strengths(I.O.R.N.S.) and The Static – 99. Additionally, in extreme cases when warranted a polygraph is employed. Dr. Duffy works with Professor Joel M. Reicherter, a nationally renowned polygraph expert who teaches his techniques to The F.B.I. and C.I.A.

The Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory – 2 (M.M.P.I. – 2)

This is a standardized personality test which is mailed out for objective computer scoring and interpritation. Its’ questions have no face validity. Though they are simple and concrete the test taker can not glean what they will illicet from simply reading them. Though sexually deviant disorder such as pedophelia have no specifc profile for this test it reveals many key behavioral operands that the subject ascribes to which when put in context can be very helpful in getting a true understanding of the individual. It is used as a component of our comprehensive diagnostic battery.

The Inventory of Offender Risks, Needs and Strengths (I.O.R.N.S.)

This test will give concrete percentages of the likelihood that an individual will engage in similar behaviors or re-offened that can help give clear fairly predictable parameters to help a Judge make a just decision.


Though not admissible as evidence this test is used to help better gage the truthfulness of the accused sex offender in terms of their guilt or innocence but also the extent of their predilection for certain appetites and the lengths to which they would go to satisfy them. Dr. Duffy works very closely with Professor Joel M. Reicherter, a nationally renowned polygraph expert (, to craft very specific questions to elicit as much usefully information as possible from the subject. Defense Attorneys: Polygraph is an exceptional tool for defense attorneys to determine ‘ground truth’ for their clients. This helps prepare effective legal strategies like having all the information about the case…especially the details that are within the defendant themselves.

The Static – 99

The Static-99 is a ten item actuarial assessment instrument created by R. Karl Hanson, Ph.D. and David Thornton, Ph.D. for use with adult male sexual offenders who are at least 18 year of age at time of release to the community. It is the most widely used sex offender risk assessment instrument in the world, and is extensively used in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many European nations.

Decision By Judge Kahn In Which She Down Graded A Sex Offender Based On A SORA Report From Dr.Duffy